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Index to Biographies in
History of the Upper Mississippi Valley

This is an index of biographies of Sherburne County residents included in History of the Upper Mississippi Valley, by Edward D. Neill, published in 1881. It covers a period from about 1850 to 1880.

Select individual biographies are online. Also, the complete section is online for Haven Township.

Be aware that the editors solicited the biographies, so it does not list every county resident. A family could have been in the county during this period, yet not be listed in the book. Also, the information is not very comprehensive. But it can be a useful research tool to place a family in the county at a specific time and identify family members.

This list is arranged alphabetically by last name, followed by the page on which it appears in the book and the township section it is listed under.

The Sherburne History Center has a copy of the book in its reading room. It is also readable online at several websites, including

Adams, Adeline329Haven
C. H. Aikin321Clear Lake
Albee, Florence M.303Elk River
Albee, George C.306Elk River
Albee, Hattie305Elk River
Albee, May301Elk River
Albee, Susan306Elk River
Alexon, Carrie314Becker
Anderson, Andre312Becker
Anderson, Anna312Becker
Anderson, Anthon312Becker
Anderson, Caroline337Santiago
Anderson, Caroline D.312Becker
Anderson, Jens Peter312Becker
Anderson, Joanna339Santiago
Anderson, Johanna308Elk River
Anderson, John312Becker
Anderson, John M.312Becker
Anderson, John O.337Santiago
Anderson, Matilda312Becker
Anderson, Ole337Santiago
Anderson, Pia Matilda312Becker
Anderson, Robert312Becker
Arceneau, Fannie328Haven
Atkins, Amy299Elk River
Atkins, Blanche299Elk River
Atkins, H. M.301Elk River
Atkins, Howard M.299Elk River
Atkins, Malcom E.299Elk River
Atkins, Marian299Elk River
Ayers, C.W.326Haven
Babcock, Harriet E.338Santiago
Babcock, W. L.303Elk River
Baer, William334Orrock
Bailey, Alvin330Livonia
Bailey, Amelia330Livonia
Bailey, Ella E338Santiago
Bailey, Emma335Orrock
Bailey, Gibson I.316Big Lake
Bailey, Harriet318Big Lake
Bailey, Harry C338Santiago
Bailey, Jesse338Santiago
Bailey, John F.338Santiago
Bailey, Melvin330Livonia
Bailey, Minnie B.338Santiago
Bailey, Orlando316Big Lake
Bailey, Orville330Livonia
Bailey, Perley A.338Santiago
Bailey, Weston338Santiago
Bailey, William H.338Santiago
Bailey, Thomas330Livonia
Baker, Hattie L.304Elk River
Baldwin, F. Eugene321Clear Lake
Ballard, Mary308Elk River
Baltzell, Mary L.300Elk River
Barbee, Frederick H.316Big Lake
Barnard, Mary307Elk River
Barthelemy, Joseph326Haven
Bates, Maria307Elk River
Bean, J.F.330Livonia
Beck, Rachel304Elk River
Beck, William B.316 Big Lake
Bell, John335Orrock
Bell, Susan317Big Lake
Benson, Cora M324Clear Lake
Bettner, Henry321Clear Lake
Bigelow, George A339Santiago
Bigelow, Harriet M, Mrs.339Santiago
Bigelow, Hattie E339Santiago
Biggerstaff, Ella327Haven
Biggerstaff, John326Haven
Biggerstaff, Samuel326Haven
Bill, David K.330Livonia
Bingham, Margaret J.326Haven
Blasdell, Alfred330Livonia
Blasdell, Bertha330Livonia
Blasdell, Horatio330Livonia
Blasdell, Leona330Livonia
Blasdell, Minnie330Livonia
Blatzell, Ella300Elk River
Blatzell, Fannie300Elk River
Blatzell, Joseph300Elk River
Blatzell, Joseph F300Elk River
Blatzell, Laura300Elk River
Blatzell, Mary300Elk River
Bliss, Louisa330Livonia
Bolser, Hattie M330Livonia
Boobar, Mattie309Elk River
Booth, Nancy322Clear Lake
Boreland, Anna Bell317Big Lake
Bosworth, Mary338Santiago
Boyd, Mary327Haven
Boyington, A.D.321Clear Lake
Bradford, John316 Big Lake
Brady, Mary336Palmer
Brand, Minor L.299Elk River
Bridgeman, Elizabeth322Clear Lake
Briggs, Benjamin R336Palmer
Briggs, Joshua336Palmer
Briggs, Joshua Jr336Palmer
Brown, John A.319Blue Hill
Brown, Joseph316Big Lake
Brown, Julia316Big Lake
Brown, Thomas E319Blue Hill
Brown, William310Baldwin
Bunker, Mary C309Elk River
Burroughs, Addie E.332Livonia
Caine, Elinor J303Elk River
Campbell, Absalom327Haven
Campbell, Charles L300Elk River
Campbell, Elmer327Haven
Campbell, Henry300Elk River
Campbell, James322Clear Lake
Campbell, Janet326Haven
Campbell, Margaret323Clear Lake
Carley, William G313Becker
Carlin, Thomas336Palmer
Carlson, Hedvig314Becker
Carmody, Edward319Blue Hill
Carvell, Cora P339Santiago
Castle, Edward322Clear Lake
Castle, Henry300Elk River
Cater, E. E.327Haven
Cater, Joshua O326Haven
Chadbourne, C.H.310Baldwin
Chadbourne, Eliza Etta319Blue Hill
Chapman, Elizabeth325Clear Lake
Clarity, C.327Haven
Coffering, Walter J322Clear Lake
Coffinger, John322Clear Lake
Conliffe, John322Clear Lake
Cook, Susan, Mrs.317Big Lake
Copeland, Adelbert300Elk River
Copeland, Edith A300Elk River
Copeland, Eugene300Elk River
Copeland, Samuel300Elk River
Corey, Mertie305Elk River
Costello, Annie300Elk River
Costello, James300Elk River
Costello, James300Elk River
Costello, John300Elk River
Costello, Mary300Elk River
Costello, Nellie302Elk River
Costello, Patrick300Elk River
Costello, Ellen300Elk River
Costello, Gussie300Elk River
Costello, Maggie300Elk River
Costello, Martin300Elk River
Costly, Helen Emily319Blue Hill
Cox, Edward T312Becker
Cox, Edward T Jr.313Becker
Craig, A.J.330Livonia
Craig, H. E.335Orrock
Crawford, Caroline313Becker
Crawford, Elizabeth313Becker
Crawford, Joseph M313Becker
Crawford, Livonia304Elk River
Crawford, Noble R313Becker
Crocker, George300Elk River
Crocker, George L300Elk River
Crocker, Josephine300Elk River
Crocker, Louisa300Elk River
Crocker, Luca E300Elk River
Crockett, Albert300Elk River
Crockett, Clara S300Elk River
Crockett, Frank300Elk River
Crockett, Jennie300Elk River
Crockett, Leon L300Elk River
Crockett, Nathaniel300Elk River
Crockett, Nellie E300Elk River
Crockett, Silas M300Elk River
Crockett, William300Elk River
Crowell, Deborah310Baldwin
Currier, Mary H.324Clear Lake
Danning, Eliza Jane319Blue Hill
Dare, Alfred A. Jr300Elk River
Dare, Alfred A. Sr300Elk River
Dare, Annie V.300Elk River
Dare, Arthur N.301Elk River
Dare, Farley A.300Elk River
Darling, A.B.322Clear Lake
Davey, Charlotte316Big Lake
Davis, Andrew301Elk River
Davis, Bertha E.301Elk River
Davis, Charles W.301Elk River
Davis, Eben301Elk River
Davis, Helen B.301Elk River
Davis, Herbert H.301Elk River
Davis, Jennie338Santiago
Davis, Lavinia K.323Clear Lake
Davis, Lizzie C.301Elk River
Davis, Richard301Elk River
Davis, S.C.316Big Lake
Davis, Willie301Elk River
Davis, Winthrop301Elk River
Davison, John330Livonia
Dayton, Lyman307Elk River
Dayton, Samuel C.307Elk River
Dean, William E.301Elk River
Delill, Agnes301Elk River
Delill, Elizabeth301Elk River
Delill, Francis301Elk River
Delill, Frank301Elk River
Delill, Harriet301Elk River
Delill, Joseph T.301Elk River
Delill, Mary F.301Elk River
Delill, Rosanna301Elk River
Delill, Sarah J.301Elk River
Demarais, Fanny329Haven
Dennis, Sarah333Livonia
Dickey, Barbara301Elk River
Dickey, Charles301Elk River
Dickey, Eddy301Elk River
Dickey, Edgar301Elk River
Dickey, Eugene301Elk River
Dickey, Lucina301Elk River
Dickey, Mary301Elk River
Dickey, Thomas301Elk River
Dimick, Miss306Elk River
Dodd, Orley L338Santiago
Doran, Mary328Haven
Doran, Rosanna327Haven
Douglas, Mary, Mrs.310Baldwin
Dowling, Martin327Haven
Drake, Emma J.308Elk River
Dunbar, Marilla317Big Lake
Eaton, Alice302Elk River
Eaton, Angelina330Livonia
Eaton, Charles S.302Elk River
Eaton, James E.302Elk River
Eaton, Marietta305Elk River
Eaton, Minnie A.331Livonia
Eaton, William302Elk River
Eaton, William A.302Elk River
Elliot, Jane305Elk River
Elliott, Mary311Baldwin
Ellithorpe, Ava E318Big Lake
England, Sarah307Elk River
Estes, Olive308Elk River
Evans, Bradford M.302Elk River
Evans, Eliza A.301Elk River
Evans, Emily302Elk River
Evans, Harrison L.302Elk River
Evans, John301Elk River
Evans, John H.302Elk River
Evans, Joseph302Elk River
Evans, Sarah J.302Elk River
Evans, Susan302Elk River
Evers, Angeline328Haven



Name Page Township
Farnham, Julia A307Elk River
Felch, Frank A.302Elk River
Felch, J. H.302Elk River
Folsom, Addie302Elk River
Folsom, Clara302Elk River
Folsom, Daniel W.302Elk River
Folsom, Edith302Elk River
Folsom, Hattie302Elk River
Ford, Luna J.331Livonia
Foster, Alice S.302Elk River
Foster, Charles B.302Elk River
Foster, John H.302Elk River
Foster, John W.302Elk River
Foster, Kate L315Becker
Foster, Mary L317 Big Lake
Foster, Mary L.302Elk River
Foster, Nettie B.302Elk River
Fountain, Elizabeth321Clear Lake
Francis, Alfred323Clear Lake
Francis, Jane L328Haven
Frazer, Eliza J307Elk River
Frisbee, Charles H331Livonia
Frisbee, Ella A331Livonia
Frisbee, John330Livonia
Frisbee, John M331Livonia
Frisbee, Maggie331Livonia
Frye, Daniel322Clear Lake
Galley, Ada J.303Elk River
Galley, Carrie303Elk River
Galley, Cora M.303Elk River
Galley, Frederick303Elk River
Galley, George L.303Elk River
Galley, Henry303Elk River
Galley, Lizzie303Elk River
Galley, Maud J.303Elk River
Galley, Nellie303Elk River
Galley, William303Elk River
Gardner, Custis302Elk River
Gardner, Frank302Elk River
Gardner, Reuben S.302Elk River
Gardner, Roy302Elk River
Garlington, E A327Haven
Gaskill, Amelia302Elk River
Gaskill, Elmer302Elk River
Gaskill, Estella302Elk River
Gaskill, Everett302Elk River
Gaskill, Levi M302Elk River
George, Alice E338Santiago
George, Alonzo R338Santiago
George, Arthur B338Santiago
George, Charles F338Santiago
George, Franklin P338Santiago
George, Herbert W338Santiago
Gilbert, Charles D332Livonia
Glassford, Edwin D.302Elk River
Glassford, James W.302Elk River
Glassford, John W.302Elk River
Glassford, Loda W.302Elk River
Glidden, Samuel303Elk River
Glidden, Samuel H.302Elk River
Gliden, Emma C.302Elk River
Godfrey, Ard304Elk River
Godfrey, Martha.A.C303Elk River
Godfrey, Nancy304Elk River
Gordon, Nancy332Livonia
Goundry, Arthur W338Santiago
Goundry, Gilman338Santiago
Goundry, Luther T338Santiago
Goundry, Mabel338Santiago
Goundry, William W338Santiago
Grant, Edwin E.310Baldwin
Gray, John H331Livonia
Griffin, Melvin327Haven
Guild, Elida338Santiago
Guild, James W338Santiago
Guild, Jessie M338Santiago
Guild, Lucy338Santiago
Guyett, Morris310Baldwin
Hagan, William332Livonia
Hanscom, Angelia311Baldwin
Harmon, Mary A305Elk River
Harper, Sarah A304Elk River
Harrington, W.J.331Livonia
Harris, Ruth318 Big Lake
Harvey, Betsy330Livonia
Harvey, David338Santiago
Harvey, George F338Santiago
Harvey, Melissa J304Elk River
Haven, John O317 Big Lake
Hawes, Olive A303Elk River
Hawes, Prince O303Elk River
Hawkins, Hannah J338Santiago
Hayden, Charles B304Elk River
Hayward, Jane304Elk River
Hayward, Jarvis304Elk River
Hayward, John T.304Elk River
Heath, Austin304Elk River
Heath, Calvin304Elk River
Heath, Emeline304Elk River
Heath, Leonard.C304Elk River
Heath, S.B.331Livonia
Heebner, Grace.W303Elk River
Heebner, H.J303Elk River
Heebner, Harry.C303Elk River
Henry, Martha314Becker
Hibbard, Herman A.327Haven
Hibbard, Howard H327Haven
Hildreth, Eva A304Elk River
Hiles, Rueben331Livonia
Hill, Charles A.331Livonia
Hill, Rachel331Livonia
Hillis, Annie310Baldwin
Hinnman, Harriet, Mrs.318 Big Lake
Holdon, Sally A.331Livonia
Holgate, Carrie E304Elk River
Holgate, Levi304Elk River
Holgate, Mary.A304Elk River
Houlton, Charles H.304Elk River
Houlton, Dwight W.304Elk River
Houghton, Eli N317 Big Lake
Houlton, Effie M.304Elk River
Houlton, Helen303Elk River
Houlton, Horatio303Elk River
Houlton, Kate304Elk River
Houlton, Nettie304Elk River
Houlton, Sam. R303Elk River
Houlton, Samuel303Elk River
Houlton, Sarah303Elk River
Houlton, William H303Elk River
Houlton, William L.304Elk River
Hunt, N.K.327Haven
Hunter, Samuel331Livonia
Huntington, Catharine333Livonia
Hurd, E.F.323Clear Lake
Hurd, George323Clear Lake
Hurd, James Franklin323Clear Lake
Hurtt, Isabel332Livonia
Iliff, James331Livonia
Imholte, Mary324Clear Lake
Ingalls, Jerusha A.322Clear Lake
Ingersol, Phebe300Elk River
Ingersol, Mary L.301Elk River
Jackson, Rachel311Baldwin
Jameson, Charles D.304Elk River
Jameson, Ellen320Blue Hill
Jameson, Gambert304Elk River
Jameson, Henry M.304Elk River
Jameson, John G. Jr305Elk River
Jameson, John G. Jr304Elk River
Jameson, John G. Sr304Elk River
Jameson, Louisa304Elk River
Jameson, William304Elk River
Jenkins, Alfaretta305Elk River
Jenkins, Evangeline305Elk River
Jenkins, Grace305Elk River
Jenkins, William M305Elk River
Jensen, Adol313Becker
Jensen, Axel313Becker
Jensen, Peder C313Becker
Jodoin, Joseph328Haven
Johnson, Charlotte332Livonia
Johnson, Swan314Becker
Jones, Alanson323Clear Lake
Jones, Drayton323Clear Lake
Jones, Henry323Clear Lake
Jones, Velonia324Clear Lake
Joy, Jennie314Becker
Kaliher, Dennis A.332Livonia
Kaliher, John319Blue Hill
Kaufman, John323Clear Lake
Keiser, Mary301Elk River
Kernan, Annie333Livonia
Kight, John335Orrock
Kilgore, Louisa Jane320Blue Hill
Kinecutt, Adelia318Big Lake
Kirby, Alice305Elk River
Kirby, Burrows W305Elk River
Kirby, Charlotte L305Elk River
Kirby, Susan305Elk River
Knapp, F.B.311Baldwin
Knapp, G L335Orrock
Lane, Silas304Elk River
Langdon, Susan322Clear Lake
Lannan, Dennis328Haven
Lansing, Mary328Haven
Larkin, Edward319Blue Hill
Larkins, Jennie332Livonia
Larne, Joseph332Livonia
Latta, Barton A. Sr.305Elk River
Latta, Barton A. Jr.305Elk River
Latta, Henderson305Elk River
Latta, Mary E.305Elk River
Latta, Richard J.305Elk River
Latta, Sarah A.305Elk River
Latta, Thomas J.305Elk River
Lee, B. H.324Clear Lake
Legenbecker, Catharine334Orrock
Leverton, Laura R.313Becker
Lewis, Freddie303Elk River
Lewis, John F305Elk River
Libby, Joseph W305Elk River
Lind, Charles R314Becker
Lind, Lewis O313Becker
Lind, Lucena314Becker
Lind, Peter L314Becker
Lindsey, Charlotte S317Big Lake
Lindsey, Joseph317Big Lake
Lindsey, W E317Big Lake
Lloyd, Rueben305Elk River
Lock, Fannie W.325Clear Lake
Lockwood, Catharine321Clear Lake
Loden, Mary338Santiago
Lougee, Alvah T.333Livonia
Lougee, Sarah334Livonia
Lovell, William R.332Livonia
Lovett, Harriet A306Elk River
Lowe, Alfred305Elk River
Lowe, George305Elk River
Lowell, Lizzie303Elk River
Lucas, Rachel300Elk River
Lyon, Gertrude L313Becker
Lyon, Leslie L313Becker
Lyon, Lloyd313Becker
Lyon, William H313Becker
Lyon, Winnifred313Becker
Mabie, Dora306Elk River
Mabie, Esta306Elk River
Mabie, Esta308Elk River
Mabie, Levi306Elk River
Mabie, Nellie306Elk River
Mabie, William B.306Elk River
Macomber, Fannie A.323Clear Lake
Markham, Russel324Clear Lake
Markham, Ada B.324Clear Lake
Markham, Alfred324Clear Lake
Markham, Gracie E.324Clear Lake
Markham, H.324Clear Lake
Markham, Russel324Clear Lake
Marvin, Minnie339Santiago
Mayall, Margaret303Elk River
Mayo, Ellen331Livonia
Mayo, R.M.332Livonia
McAllister, Vienna317Big Lake
McAvay, Esther328Haven
McClelland, Sarah309Elk River
McCollum, Jane333Livonia
McCurriel, Mary313Becker
McLean, Salome305Elk River
McNeil, Luther332Livonia
Merrifield, Alfred306Elk River
Merrifield, Alice M.306Elk River
Merrifield, Elwin S.306Elk River
Merrifield, Lora E.306Elk River
Merrifield, Minnie B.306Elk River
Merrifield, Weston G.306Elk River
Milliman, Samuel C.332Livonia
Mills, E. P.303Elk River
Mills, Edward P.306Elk River
Mills, Edward P.306Elk River
Mills, Frederick306Elk River
Mills, Harry D.306Elk River
Mills, James B.306Elk River
Mills, James B.306Elk River
Mills, James H.306Elk River
Mills, John S.306Elk River
Mills, Mary306Elk River
Mills, Octavoa306Elk River
Mills, Susan306Elk River
Minnium, Harriet E338Santiago
Mitchell, Charles H306Elk River
Mitchell, John W317Big Lake
Mitchell, Martin305Elk River
Mitchell, W. H.305Elk River
Moeger, Clara307Elk River
Moeger, Earnst307Elk River
Moeger, John307Elk River
Moeger, Peter306Elk River
Moores, Annie M307Elk River
Moores, Bertie307Elk River
Moores, David307Elk River
Moores, Eddie H307Elk River
Moores, James307Elk River
Moores, Lavinia C307Elk River
Moores, Lizzie307Elk River
Moores, Margery E307Elk River
Moores, Sherman307Elk River
Moores, William307Elk River
Morgan, Catharine331Livonia
Morgan, Loretta325Clear Lake
Morningstar, Bertha320Blue Hill
Mulcare, Mary300Elk River
Mulligan, Hugh328Haven
Munsun, Miss301Elk River
Murphy, Kate304Elk River



Nason, Hannah E.308Elk River
Nell, Michael308Elk River
Nesler, Rosina335Orrock
Nichols, Helen330Livonia
Nickerson, Abbie311Baldwin
Nickerson, Abbie D.307Elk River
Nickerson, Alice307Elk River
Nickerson, Alva H.307Elk River
Nickerson, Clara Adelia307Elk River
Nickerson, Clifford F.307Elk River
Nickerson, Edith A.307Elk River
Nickerson, Emma J.307Elk River
Nickerson, Freddie W.307Elk River
Nickerson, Harry307Elk River
Nickerson, Henery O.307Elk River
Nickerson, John Quincy A.307Elk River
Nickerson, Mary E.307Elk River
Nilson, Johanna312Becker
Noel, Adolphus L339Santiago
Noel, Benjamin F339Santiago
Noel, Mary E339Santiago
Noel, Nellie V339Santiago
Obert, M C317 Big Lake
Olson, Stine312Becker
Orrock, Hattie G335Orrock
Orrock, Jeanette335Orrock
Orrock, Robert335Orrock
Palmer, Caroline336Palmer
Parks, Joseph C317 Big Lake
Paul, Harriet314Becker
Peat, Sarah A317 Big Lake
Peters, Grace317 Big Lake
Peterson, Augusta308Elk River
Peterson, Effie308Elk River
Peterson, Frank308Elk River
Peterson, Fred308Elk River
Peterson, Mary314Becker
Peterson, Otto308Elk River
Peterson, Tilda308Elk River
Pickle, Cora Ella316 Big Lake
Potter, A. C.324Clear Lake
Pratt, Lucius H319Blue Hill
Prescott, Annie318 Big Lake
Price, Matilda313Becker
Proctor, Rosella335Orrock
Prufer, Henry324Clear Lake
Rand, Lucinda E314Becker
Rasmusen, Anna M313Becker
Reed, Abigail H.308Elk River
Reed, Andrew F339Santiago
Reed, Cora V339Santiago
Reed, Freemi M339Santiago
Reed, James M339Santiago
Reed, James MJr339Santiago
Reed, May E339Santiago
Reed, Savallie A313Becker
Reiley, T.M.333Livonia
Robbers, Ludwig328Haven
Roberts, Hattie302Elk River
Roberts, Marion338Santiago
Roberts, Samuel317Big Lake
Robertson, Ann332Livonia
Robertson, Samuel333Livonia
Rogers, Catherine H., Mrs.330Livonia
Rogers, Elen E319Blue Hill
Rogers, John319Blue Hill
Russell, Jennette328Haven
Sanborn, Stata M.306Elk River
Sausser, M. C.311Baldwin
Sawyer, Wallace B335Orrock
Scherfenburg, Henry328Haven
Schreimer, Lena307Elk River
Severson, Anna302Elk River
Shaw, W.H.311Baldwin
Shelters, Hannah F.308Elk River
Shepardson, Rev Jos. H314Becker
Sherwood, Mary L.302Elk River
Sinclair, Virginia299Elk River
Sisson, A.333Livonia
Skalberg, Anna337Santiago
Slaback, Abel320Blue Hill
Smith, Anna328Haven
Smith, Bertha, Mrs.320Blue Hill
Smith, Elvira335Orrock
Smith, Helen A.300Elk River
Smith, Josiah G.308Elk River
Smith, Lora308Elk River
Smith, Lucinda313Becker
Smith, Mary A.302Elk River
Snow, Agnes M318Big Lake
Snow, Amanda P318Big Lake
Snow, B.F.318Big Lake
Snow, Charles T318Big Lake
Snow, Henry H318 Big Lake
Snow, Kate F.318 Big Lake
Snow, Nellie311Baldwin
Snow, Nellie E318 Big Lake
Spencer, Annette328Haven
Spencer, Benjamin N.333Livonia
Spencer, J.B.333Livonia
Spencer, Margaret331Livonia
Spencer, Marietta332Livonia
Spurr, Cecelia309Elk River
St. Cyr, Julia316Big Lake
Staples, Charles E.308Elk River
Staples, Edna308Elk River
Staples, Edwin H.308Elk River
Staples, John333Livonia
Starkey, Angie327Haven
Stephens, Acenath314Becker
Stevenson, John H.323Clear Lake
Stevenson, Mary324Clear Lake
Stevenson, Annie V.331Livonia
Stiles, Edgar O314Becker
Stiles, Edward P314Becker
Stiles, Georgia P314Becker
Stiles, Henry E314Becker
Stiles, Orlando F314Becker
Stiles, Winnifred H314Becker
Stimpson, Albert L.308Elk River
Stimpson, Charles F.308Elk River
Stimpson, Ella F.308Elk River
Stimpson, William F.308Elk River
Stowell, Clarissa D.300Elk River
Stretch, John333Livonia
Struble, Anna I.308Elk River
Struble, Emma308Elk River
Struble, Isadore T.308Elk River
Struble, John C.308Elk River
Struble, William T.308Elk River
Swanson, Andrew314Becker
Swanson, Anna314Becker
Swanson, August314Becker
Swanson, John314Becker
Swanson, Peter314Becker
Swiler, Sarah A.311Baldwin
Sykes, Joseph324Clear Lake
Tarbox, Mary L.309Elk River
Tarbox, Orin C.309Elk River
Tarbox, Rev Moses H.309Elk River
Taylor, Cora309Elk River
Taylor, Emma309Elk River
Taylor, Ida J.309Elk River
Taylor, James F.308Elk River
Taylor, Lydia P.309Elk River
Taylor, Elmer A.309Elk River
Thompson, John314Becker
Thompson, Nettie339Santiago
Thompson, Sarah J.333Livonia
Thorn, infant313Becker
Thorn, Thomas313Becker
Thorn, William313Becker
Thorp, Sarah323Clear Lake
Thurston, Emma325Clear Lake
Tilton, Lucy334Livonia
Trace, O. F.328Haven
Trask, Amaziah308Elk River
Trask, Bradford R.308Elk River
Trask, Estelle E.308Elk River
Trask, Estelle E.309Elk River
Trask, Smith S.311Baldwin
Trask, Smith S.308Elk River
Trask, William A.308Elk River
Upham, Alice T.309Elk River
Upham, Bertha A.309Elk River
Upham, Edward S.309Elk River
Upham, George B.309Elk River
Upham, Louisa R.309Elk River
Upham, Mary L.309Elk River
Upham, Thompson309Elk River
Wagner, Amanda313Becker
Wagner, Ernest315Becker
Wagner, Frank315Becker
Wagner, Herbert315Becker
Wagner, Irvin315Becker
Wagner, John313Becker
Wagner, John313Becker
Wagner, John315Becker
Wagner, John A.314Becker
Wagner, Katie315Becker
Wagner, Lucinda313Becker
Wagner, Mary E.313Becker
Wagner, Ruby315Becker
Wallace, Eliza302Elk River
Warner, E.G.325Clear Lake
Warner, Ernest325Clear Lake
Warner, Ray325Clear Lake
Webster, Naomi C.306Elk River
Welcome, Flora E.316 Big Lake
Weymouth, Adrianna309Elk River
Wheaton, Charles S.309Elk River
Wheaton, Harry H.309Elk River
Wheaton, Maud E.309Elk River
Wheaton, May309Elk River
Wheaton, Myrtle P.309Elk River
Wheeler, Hannah M.300Elk River
White, Adah A325Clear Lake
White, Charles E325Clear Lake
White, Edgar325Clear Lake
White, Emma M325Clear Lake
White, Emma M324Clear Lake
White, H.T325Clear Lake
White, Wilber G325Clear Lake
Whitney, Edward L.334Livonia
Whitney, Hattie330Livonia
Whittemore, Cora307Elk River
Whittemore, Irna F.309Elk River
Whittemore, Lee309Elk River
Whittemore, Nathaniel K.309Elk River
Wicktor, Axel G339Santiago
Wicktor, Charles A.339Santiago
Wilber, Millie A.332Livonia
Wilber, Zanett322Clear Lake
Wilkinson, Elizabeth321Clear Lake
Willey, Lizzie H339Santiago
Williams, Lemuel318 Big Lake
Williams, Smith G.328Haven
Wiltse, W.D.325Clear Lake
Woodcock, William H.309Elk River
Woodis, Louisa326Haven
Woods, S.F.334Livonia
Woolsey, Almira325Clear Lake
Wray, J.F.329Haven
Wright, Benjamin333Livonia
Wright, U.322Clear Lake
Young, Isaac311Baldwin
Young, Mary310Baldwin