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Lookups and Volunteers

As you can see, this list is under development and needs volunteers to help look up genealogical information. If you have any reference material on Sherburne County - public records, church histories, items from your own family files, and are willing to do limited lookups for others, please (e-mail) me with the resource title, author, publication date, your name and e-mail address, and I will add them to this page. For materials published in 1921 or later (copyrights in effect), please refer to the USGenWeb Archives policy.

When requesting a lookup by a Sherburne County volunteer, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Put "Lookup, Name of Person, Sherburne Co." in the subject line of your message.
  2. Put the name of the reference you are requesting in your message as the volunteer may have several references available.
  3. Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names with approximate dates.
  4. Please do not ask for photocopies.
  5. Don't forget to thank your volunteer for time and effort!
  6. Follow other instructions that the volunteer describes below
Books Volunteer
The Hiram Bailey Family: Pioneers of America and Early Settlers of the Middle West This is an unpublished history of the family by Vernon Orlando Bailey and his father, Hiram Bailey, written in 1895 by Hiram and 1928 by Vernon. It covers from about the Revolutionary War to their settlement in Minnesota in the 1860s and 1870s. Debbie Hill D'Amelio
The Making of a Naturalist: Field Work of a Biologist This is an unpublished manuscript Vernon Orlando Bailey wrote in the 1920s about his professional work in Minnesota, Montana and the Dakotas in the 1870s and 1880s. It contains little mention of Bailey family members. It is companion to the Hiram Bailey book. Debbie Hill D'Amelio
Do you have a family resource or other book to list here? your name here?
Naturalization Records volunteer needed